5 Tips to Guarantee You wont get hacked

  1. There are No Guarantees!

You can never be 100% protected but there are ways you can protect yourself and make sure should you get hacked there is nothing to be achieved. There is a Cyber Security Co called Itinvestigator they are approaching Cyber Security in a whole new way. They don’t just protect the doors and the hardware and the devices that are part of your network, like your computer , phone , tablet, WiFi etc. They also protect your personal information should you get compromised. The concept is a novel idea and after reviewing their program we agree. If your computer gets infected but there is nothing to be gained, no credit cards, no personal info, no photos , no personal documents and nothing to extort, steal or blackmail, its essentially a waste of time. They have a free scan you can try and will show you how vulnerable you are to attack. If you have Windows Desktop check it out HERE

2. Get Yourself a Firewall

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Firewalls are a bit complicated and can cause lots of false positives, headaches, and have lots of settings. Most people are not using Firewalls correctly, and many Firewalls are worthless. One of the best Firewalls we have tried is Glasswire Setting up a firewall is complex and if not done correctly will be a total waste of time and money. At Computerhelp we have been doing Tech Support for over twenty years and can help you set up a firewall and set the features correctly so you dont keep getting warnings about safe programs and vice versa.

3. Avoid Social Engineers Most Powerful Weapon

Don’t Panic!

The most powerful weapon Social Engineers and hackers will use is create a feeling of panic and helplessness and once you are in that state of mind they will take advantage as you will not be thinking rationally. Any phone call , email, or spam that will send you into a frenzy is usually not the targeted attack, its what comes next that usually is what makes the hack complete. If someone calls to say something is wrong with an order, or something is wrong with a transaction, or something has been compromised, or there is an emergency somewhere. Be calm, analyze the story, is this something that seems off about this? Wait it out. Your first reaction is never the correct one, never let your guard down or give up additional info you would not normally give out just because of the situation.

4. Always look at links in preview before clicking, always!

This might seem like an obvious tip but you will be surprised how naturally we click on links without checking the URL especially from a trusted sender or a mailing list we read often. It is very easy to mask an email or clone an email from a trusted sender and then hide a malicious link by taking advantage of your trust of that email.

5. A Computer Guy , is not a Cyber Security expert !

Would you ask your Housekeeper for PC Cleaning advice? Would you ask your Uber Driver for Auto Maintenance advice? Just because they work with Computers does not make them experts on everything related to Computers. The biggest mistake Businesses make is asking their technicians for advice related to Cyber Security. These technicians are paid to say, its all good! No matter what the issue their response is always , Its fine! What makes matters worse is many of these technicians see Cyber Security experts at threats to their own interest or business. Just like you have an architect and a builder, you should have a separate Cyber Security Expert you deal with on a regular basis. Someone you can call on about anything suspicious, and you can send any hacking related questions to.

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