The 3 Golden Rules About Cyber Security

.The first rule in Cyber Security is: Understand the Risks and Admit you can be a victim.

It is impossible to protect yourself if you do not think you can fall victim. Most people refuse to believe they can fall victim until after they get hurt by a criminal hacker, sometimes, more than once.

Ironically, companies and governments around the world, that spend an upwards of a million dollars monthly on cyber security, keep getting compromised. Yet, the majority of people and businesses that spend almost nothing on protecting themselves, are convinced they won’t fall victim. Until this attitude changes, we will continue reading about cyber hack ransomware, extortion’s, and viruses. Many of these attacks put companies out of business and devastate the personal lives of its victims.

Rule # Two: Would cyber-criminals really go through all that to get ……?

When we discuss the steps, some cyber-criminals take to achieve their goals, people often wonder “would they really go through all that just to get my….”

It is important to remember, criminals go through a lot more to smuggle drugs into a country. Many times, the money they make from smuggling, is a fraction of the average cyber criminal earns destroying the lives of individuals and businesses. There is Ransomware, there is Extortion, there is Inside Information. Many times you are not the intended victim and you are simply a stepping stone to the victim. Other times you are simply clicking on a link for the hacker to make money using Ad Fraud.

In addition, what you might think is a big deal is not a big deal at all for a seasoned cyber-criminal. Understanding that yes a Cyber Criminal will go through crazy lengths to get what they want and understand that you are THAT IMPORTANT to them is key.

Three: It’s not just about you:

If someone compromises your email, they are getting access to all the communication that you have with thousands of people.

When someone compromises your phone, they see what others wrote to you as well.

If your computer gets compromised, you might relinquish access to company files, or other files people have sent you.

The callousness that is exhibited by some people is a leading cause of the endless hacking events happening around the world.

It Is your responsibility to safeguard your information and the information of the people that trust you with their communication.

When someone says “well, if a hacker compromises my computer, it’s no big deal, I have nothing to hide”, they are being irresponsible and careless with other people’s information.

Did you check with everyone that you files, photos or videos, whether it is ok to show to anyone and everyone?

Cyber-security is not just about you protecting yourself, it’s about being a responsible human and respecting the privacy of others that trusted you.

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