This Free Scan will tell you how Likely you are to get Hacked

Not a day goes by without us hearing about another attack, another extortion, another life ruined by Cyber crime, another Business wiped out by hackers, another million stolen in Bitcoin.

We can sit here and give you tons of statistics about the billions spent, the billions that are stolen. We can show you interviews about Presidents and World Leaders saying how the greatest threat to National Security is Hacking.

It will most likely be the cause of the next world war yet we continue to be complacent and most people choose to ignore the risk.

Why is it that Cyber Security is such a growing issue?

  1. People ignore the problem until its too late. Most people don’t fix issues until they have a problem. Its once they see their Computer acting strange, or start getting paranoid if their photos are compromised, or are scared some of their actions are being watched before they go into a panic and start researching on fixing the problem.
  2. Not me! Everyone hears stories about hacking, and the first reaction is: “I would never click on a link” , or “I would never download something from the Internet”. The fact is some of the most technical experts in the world have been fooled so that attitude is simply foolish.
  3. People don’t pay for prevention , only paying a thousand times more for repair. Sometimes prevention can cost as little as $40 and can prevent millions in damages, but people are hesitant to spend on a problem they cant see or feel. This is one of the major flaws of being human.
  4. The defeatist attitude . People have become too burned out by the barrage of hacking and amount of information being stolen that they have almost given up, and admitted there is nothing they can do except almost pray and hope and with good luck they will be safe.

We have a solution that will fix all of these issues and will cost you nothing. This free scan will scan all your files and information and tell you how likely you are to get hacked and how secure your personal information is. This Company Itinvestigator created a Artificial Intelligent Robot that in less than five minutes will show you all of your vulnerabilities and where you are susceptible to almost every type of Cyber Crime, from hacking to Ransomware, to Extortion, to Inside Information stealing, to ad fraud. It is the most comprehensive Cyber Security piece of software ever created. The scan is free and is a free trial and only charge you if they find critical issues and you need the full version.

As you see your private searches and passwords and how easily it is to find out more about your entire life in less than five minutes than probably your best friends in the world, it will wake you up to the importance of this topic and how personal the problem really is.

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