There are 3 things
that distinguish us from the competition

1. We have THE experience

Computer Help is run by a team that has experience in all aspects of computers including, hardware, software, networking, cyber security and website operations.

Computers are always evolving and staying one step ahead is very important. always seeks out to help people and businesses with the latest tips and solutions. Small tips can make the difference between a computer running properly and securely or a machine that runs poorly.

A good computer tip is great but what’s even better is a computer tip that comes with easy to follow instructions so everyone can implement the tip and have a better computer experience. Computer Help has been providing tips for over 20 years to computer experts and novices around the world.

2. Certified EXPERTs

Certification alone is not enough, you want your computer tech to have the needed experience too.

Certification ensures that the technician is following best practices based off the experience of many computer experts. Not every computer tip or computer solution is good for every system. The last thing you want is to implement a solution on a system that said solution is actually a negative on the system.

Regardless if you need basic computer help or you have more complex needs including forensic needs, Computer Help can help you. Our experts have various certifications including – CSM, CEH, CISSP, CRISC, CCNA, GIAC. Our first priority is ensuring that your needs are resolved in a way that it doesn’t cause other things to break.

3. We ARE cyber security experts

What good is a tech in these days if they do not take into consideration the security consequences of their action.

We see it all the time, a person or business makes a change to their computer after reading an article or hiring a tech with limited security knowledge and then their computer gets infected with a virus. In these days, you cannot afford to implement a tip or hire a computer tech without taking cyber security into consideration.

At Computer Help the first questions is always, how will what we suggest or do effect the security of the system? As you work on your computer, always ask yourself that and you will save yourself a lot of time and money. In addition, when you hire an expert, always make sure they have the cyber security experience as.